Monday, 20 April 2015

Pergolas: Finished Project

Finally, a bet coming to an end, amid other last minute weather catastrophes due to this year's severe winter and spring conditions. So let me guide you through our pictures:

After finishing with the pergolas' frame we had to install a wooden sheathing that has been painted with a primer so as to create two smooth sound roof decks that we would later cover with asphalt shingles.

Pergola purlins
Underneath view of the wooden sheathing installed on the rafters.

Pergola purlins
Top view. Solid wood sheathing.

Smooth sound roof deck
Top view of the second pergola.

A bituminous waterproofing eaves membrane was first applied as roofing felt, in order to better protect the sheathing against condensation, as well as against leaking.

bituminous waterproofing eaves membrane
Bituminous waterproofing membrane.

Next, it was time for the roll roofing with architectural shingles. Each of these rolls is 10 meters long by 1 meter wide and weights 40 kilos. Architectural shingles are in reality a mixture of asphalt with fiberglass topped with mineral granules that come in a variety of colors.

Roll asphalt roofing
Getting ready for rolled asphalt roofing.

The first roll of shingles is installed by rolling it out and then driving nails along the eave edge at one end and on top of every rafter, while pulling it taut till you reach the other side. The next course will overlap the first enough to cover the area that is bare of mineral surfacing. Propane gas was used to heat the bottom sheet in order to fix them together. After finishing we went back to secure every rolled out sheet with nails on top of the rafters, along the edges and the overlaps. An asphalt cold-applied based material was used for sealing any small gaps along the joints. Heated asphalt compound had to be applied in one case when we had to secure a transition.

architectural shingles
Architectural shingles in place.

low-slope roof
Roll roofing is recommended for low-slope roofs.

As a final measure, to secure the durability of the shingles against granule loss and exposure of "bald spots" or cracking, we painted them with professional acrylic paint.

Pergolas coated with acrylic paint
Both pergolas coated with acrylic paint.

Finally, we installed the fascia along the eave edges. Finished!!!

wooden fascia

wooden fascia

More photos will follow in June, when we officially open, with tables and chairs in place, as well as water in the pool!