Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Foggy day trip on the road to Kallikratis

The village of Kallikratis is located in a plateau above the villages of Patsianos, Kapsodasos and Fragokastello, at an altitude of approximately 540 meters. There are a few ways to get there. However, the fastest and most fascinating is taking the road that ascents between the villages of Patsianos and Kaspodasos. It is a snake shaped road with breathtaking view to Frangokastello plain and the Libyan sea.

This is what the road normally looks like before taking the last turn that will lead you away from the cliff turning road and closer to Kallikratis village.

The day of our visit (9th of March, 2013) we had low visibility due to heavy fog.

Still, we found the scenery amazing. Rocks and plants covered by a misty layer gave us a bewildering image.

On our way back things have not changed much.

The following two pictures were taken a few turns lower than the first photo in order to capture the dividing line between fog and daylight. 

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