Monday, 8 April 2013

Off Season Photo Moments Pt.1

This is an album of a few photos that we found interesting and thought it will be nice to share with you. I chose to split them in two parts. In part one, the photos are spontaneously taken from inside the car as we drove around western Crete. While part two includes in addition, some sightseeing spots that we had to show you.

Please keep an open mind on our comments, we like to see the fun side of things, it makes life easier :-)

All authentic Sfakian signs have bullet holes. It is protection against strong winter winds.

Goat lane. At least they are using the shoulder lane. Goats seem to understand the automobile's direction and adjust their position accordingly, it is sheep you have to be careful of.

Small churches made either of metal or stone are vastly scattered around the whole Greek region. Unfortunately, they mark the place where a driver lost his/her life and have usually a candle sparkling in the night. Note them and respect them, they can be life savers for the rest of the passing drivers, especially in foggy nights.

Sfakian ram sheep. The red color on its wool marks the herd it belongs to and thus its owner. Also, other markings can be found on its ears. During mating season they tend to bump on shinny things as they confuse their reflection for a rival ram.

Mother and baby sheep. Very cute to observe, still, dangerous to drive by. Baby sheep notice cars literally the last minute, resulting in panic movements to approach the security of their mother.

To my opinion, this is the best road turn, photo-wise, in the whole of the Sfakian region. You have three signs to be aware of.  Domestic animals, narrow road ahead, and difficult right turn. I think the only sign missing is falling rocks. However, the bus filled my expectations and the road.

Gavdos and Gavdopoula. As you descend from Imbros village towards the Sfakian plain you get the chance to see a magnificent sunset. Even if it is winter and the sky is full with clouds, the view is amazing.

This church is close to the entrance of Komitades village. The reason I included it in the album is because it is really difficult to get the whole church in your photo frame as you drive by. The street is narrow, allowing only a single car to pass each time, the mirror on the side of the church proves it. Thus, this is a difficult spot to stop and shoot. Night made it a little bit easier as you could expect to see light from an approaching car. 

And last, but not least. One day, upon arrival back to the apartments, we noticed a man on top of the Frangokastello fortress. Please respect the monuments. If it were not for the railings access would not be allowed on top of the tower. We thought adult supervision was compulsory only for children and not for grown up babies. Leave climbing to the goats.

Link to Off Season Photo Moments Pt. 2

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